Benefits for orderers:
Easier than ever before!


Our solution makes procurement fun again across your company.

Hivebuy offers you purchasing software that accelerates workflows and automates processes, with full transparency and no IT overhead. You get more control, your team more autonomy and everyone benefits from more time.

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Save up to 70% with Hivebuy!


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Features Procurement

Product Catalog

Simplify your purchasing process by centralizing it and working with company-wide product catalogs. This way, you can eliminate maverick buying and your employees can order products and services in just a few clicks.

Workflow Management

Our purchasing software improves your workflow management. Teams can act independently within their budget, approvals will be given with just one click in the future and it is always clear who is responsible.

Supplier and Contractmanagement

We save you and your employees a lot of time. Because you get the complete overview of all contracts and suppliers. With our contract management software, you are automatically reminded of deadlines and can make changes digitally. And you can even do this from your home office.

ERP Integrations

Hivebuy Integrationen

Thanks to a wide range of integration options, you can connect Hivebuy with your company’s existing system landscape. For example, with your accounting system. This way, a lot of data is transferred automatically and you don’t have to type it in yourself in a tedious way.


Our purchasing software can generate automatic budget analysis and spend reporting, allowing you to identify hard-to-see trends and make adjustments. Plus, you’ll always have everything in view and can easily communicate the current financial status to management.


Calculate cost savings


Our customers save up to 70% of their costs by implementing the purchasing software.

If you want to know what savings it will bring you, you can easily find out for yourself with our cost calculator.