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Benefits - Finance

Benefits for Finance:
Transparency and Structure


Hivebuy is the solution that orchestrates your procure-to-pay and accounts payable processes. It gives you a real-time overview of your procurement processes and automates them while offering you to view departmental budget utilisation, outstanding invoices, and goods inbound - all without asking! Make finance a sparring partner for the whole company!



Budgets and policies become part of the ordering process and are brought to life by Hivebuy. Define attributes like departments, amounts, or commodity groups and derive the people or departments that need to be involved in the procurement decision. You could, for example, be directly involved in the decision for large investments!

Goods Inbound and Invoice Verification


With Hivebuy, there's no need to search for missing invoices or goods receipts at the end of the month. Users are simply reminded via Slack to take action. Hivebuy focuses on approving the purchase requests, so invoice approvals are history!

Invoice Management


Order-related invoice verification and invoice management in one tool. Developed by finance and purchasing experts out of frustration with the solutions available today. Whether a purchase request took place or not, with Hivebuy you can manage all invoices, and with OCR integration, invoice capturing is done in a few clicks.



All accounting information at a glance. No need for hunting information at the end of the month - you know who is responsible for which order and whether it has been approved. Use our integration with accounting systems and say goodbye to long reconciliations.



Hivebuy provides you with a real-time overview of your procurement processes and gives you the opportunity to view department-specific budget utilisation, outstanding invoices, and goods receipts - without having to ask! This way you can immediately identify and derive savings and optimisation opportunities!

Budget Analysis


Give departments the ability to analyse their budgets in real-time and make purchase decisions based on that.

Auto-Ordering and Invoicing


Through connections to hundreds of suppliers, after the approvals, orders are placed directly and automatically, and for selected suppliers, invoices are made available directly in Hivebuy!