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Hivebuy Team
Hivebuy Team in Berlin

Bettina Fischer and Stefan Kiehne, the brains behind Hivebuy, have worked for pwc, rent24, Lidl and Zalando, among others, and stumbled across the same problems again and again. They no longer wanted to put up with these recurring inconveniences in the procurement process and developed Hivebuy together with the team in the heart of Berlin.

Our goal with Hivebuy was to create a purchasing software that is userfriendly and inclusive , has no implementation efforts , extreme intuitive and without IT-effort immediately usable .
And that is exactly what we have succeeded in doing.

Do you want to get to know Hivebuy better? Then make an appointment with our founder:

Bettina Fischer

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founder's voice

Bettina Fischer about the foundation of Hivebuy

Bettina Fischer, Gründerin von Hivebuy

Bettina Fischer is the founder of Hivebuy and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the shopping software.

My vision was to fill the huge gap between manual work and elaborate software solutions that require long implementation projects. Because that’s exactly what I was responsible for in several companies. Better said for financial optimization processes. And one of the effective ways to do this is with purchasing software that makes existing processes digital. Unfortunately, implementation was often difficult.

Employees were afraid of new solutions, the tools were far too complicated and the learning curve was long. In addition, there were often problems with the implementation in existing system landscapes.

I was not the only one frustrated by this, but above all the responsible teams in the finance area and indirect purchasing.

After encountering this again and again in various companies, I asked myself why there is no solution that addresses exactly these points: Intuitive and immediately usable without fear, and perfectly combinable with systems already in use.

Large companies may have the time and money for extensive implementation projects, but SMEs need solutions that simply work. In both senses.

So I decided to develop exactly this solution together with Stefan Kiehne. A purchasing software that is fun to use.