Workflow management for fast and uniform ordering processes

We automate your approval processes - you gain time! Companies with as few as 50 users save an average of 1,000 man-hours. The Hivebuy platform helps you track and manage conversations so each user has maximum context and accountability.

Save up to 70% with Hivebuy!


Worthwhile already from 10 orders per month. Convince yourself and use our calculator and find out how much money you save.

What awaits you

  • Optimized workflow structure: real-time order data and automated approvals ensure greater efficiency
  • Communication: Various integration options, e.g. to Microsoft Teams or Slack simplify communication
  • Documentation: Clear release histories and clear assignment of requests mean that nothing is lost any more
  • Autonomy: teams act freely within their budget and approvals are made without lengthy agreements

Advantages of optimized workflow management

Time Saving
Release time is accelerated and manual tasks are reduced.
Automated approval processes ensure consistent execution of approval processes and minimize human error.
Thanks to the overview of the release status and responsibilities as well as a clear release history, there is more transparency.
Personal responsibility
With clear budget frameworks and the verifiability of the approval processes, there is not only an increase in efficiency, but also more personal responsibility on the part of the employees.
Automated approval processes enable organizations to perform approval processes in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, facilitating compliance requirements.
Setup in seconds, can be implemented without technical knowledge


  • Userfriendly Design
  • Release documentation
  • Order status in real time
  • Notification and comment function
  • Integration with product catalogs
  • Setting budget frameworks

What our customers say


We went live with Hivebuy in just one day -. Due to our rapid growth, it was important for us to find a tool that could accompany this growth quickly and easily and help us digitize our procurement! This is exactly what we have achieved with Hivebuy.

Finn Hänsel, Gründer & Geschäftsführer Sanity Group

Super simple and easy to set up - the best thing that could have happened to us in purchasing. Setting up eProcurement was smart and intuitive: roles, departments and budget were defined and set up in minutes.

Nick Stodt, VP Finance Hypatos GmbH

For a long time we were looking for a digital ordering process that is easy to use, provides a better overview and at the same time allows us to optimize our processes. From the bottom of our hearts: With Hivebuy, we have completely succeeded.

André Ulrich, Klinikmanager Klinik am Zauberwald
Modular principle - use only what you really need
You only pay for what you use
Developed for the midmarket
Easy to implement and intuitive to use
Highest data protection