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Whoever works in finance or purchasing has chosen it at some point out of a fascination for numbers. But no one has to put up with the fact that the job can be dry and unloved, that it is dominated by repetition and tight timeslots. And that rarely anyone says ”thank you”.

Bettina Fischer, Stefan Kiehne

Bettina Fischer and Stefan Kiehne, the brains behind Hivebuy, have gained, among others, relevant experiences at pwc, rent24, Lidl and Zalando. They no longer wanted to put up with the recurring inconveniences in the procurement process. Together with the team in the heart of Berlin, the agile founding team developed Hivebuy. The expertise from practical experience shows: The problem exists at the very beginning of the process. Therefore, Hivebuy focuses on a smart solution right from the start. Such that the chaos at end doesn't even appear.

„Hivebuy has been developed to digitise procurement in a smart and intuitive way!“

Stefan Kiehne, Founder & CEO

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Bettina Fischer

Founder & CEO

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